November 23, 2010

Query Therapy - Couch #2 Available

Searching for query information giving you a headache? Literally? Well, join the club. Have you ever read for hours on a Kindle and not gotten a headache, but then spend twenty-three minutes on a computer and feel like a porcupine is doing the Mambo behind your eyes? I don't have a Kinde, but from what others tell me there is no eye strain at all. Why is that? And why can't computer monitors be as gentle?

Today's query therapy couch is occupied by The Knight Agency and their fine post on Writing a Solid Query Letter. I like this page, it gives distinct instructions on how to present your manuscript without having to hold your hand to do it. They even offer links to more querying sites, and let's face it folks, there can't be too many query sites. The only thing missing, for me, is a sample query letter from one of their clients - that would be very helpful. Be sure to check out the rest of the website, it's loaded with great information!


  1. The query letter is tough but I want to see you write a synopsis and/or logline of your novel. As well as Bill too.

  2. I have my tagline in my head, that one was easy-ish. And my query is started with about 10 beginnings. When I reach query letter research overload, I'll narrow it down to the highlights and see what I'm left with...